Way back before tinder, people were hooking up on Plenty of Fish. It was a cesspool of grimy dudes just waiting to stick it in. So naturally I was on there too.

I met Shorty through there. We chatted for a bit and decided to meet. Thank god I didn’t wear heels! I’m 5’7, he was 5’4. Thankfully he carried himself very well, tons of confidence SO in the end I barely noticed.

Shorty lived with his aunt and uncle…or so he said (Because I always thought they were his parents). Shorty got a little freaky too. Let me describe him for you! Very charismatic guy, late 20’s, studying IT and driving a very nice whip. Produced music and was probably a drug dealer.

Things escalated quite quickly with us since we agreed on a no strings attached agreement. Sex was great until he started to choke me. And when I say choke…I really mean I thought I was going to die. But it doesn’t stop there! Not only did he likes things so rough I thought I needed to go to ER one night but he also loved to whisper “I love you”….all the time. To top things off his room always had a black light on. Always. AND watch himself in the mirror while making bizarre faces. Just try to picture this: I’m on the floor in front of the morrow, he’s on top with the black light over head. His face is lit up (we all know no one looks attractive with that light) and he’s staring at himself in the mirror while flexing and making faces…

Somehow this lasted 8 months. Don’t judge me.


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