Mexico Part 1

Lets go back to the age when we all thought we were invincible and ultra cool. The ripe age of 21. At 21 I thought I knew everything there was to know about everything, including relationships.


This story starts in Vancouver, Canada at a  beauty salon. One of my co-workers was hosting a Christmas party so we all went. When we all got there we found that 2 of her sons were also present. The sons were in their 30’s both in “committed” relationships. The dinner was quite far from my home and one of the sons lived in my neck of the woods so he offered to drive me home. No problem.


In the car ride home he kept asking what I was doing during the holidays to which I replied not much, just my birthday party. Somehow he weaseled a birthday invitation from me. Fast forward 2 weeks ahead to my actual birthday party. My friends and I are at a club having a great ole time. Im in the dj booth enjoying life. All of the sudden a friend tells me that there is a giant guy walking around and looking for me. I’m confused. Why would anyone be looking for me? I end of finding him and it ends up being the son of my co-worker. Needless to say I was so intoxicated that I didn’t find that creepy and when he offered to “drive me home”  (which involved a heavy makeout session and realizing my heels were broken with the heel bending towards the sole) I totally accepted. Insert crying emoji face.


Time went on and we kept seeing each other. But I never told his mom because she kept telling me how her wonderful son was such an angel and couldn’t wait until he got married to his girlfriend…of 10 years! I confronted him about it and he said that the relationship was basically over, yada yada yada. Obviously I believed him but I also kept my own side piece on the side… Shorty. Who by the way lived AROUND THE BLOCK from this dude! and I only found 6 months in while driving to Shorty’s house!!

So I wasn’t an angel but that’s now what this story is about. I should describe this guy – roughly 5’10, Persian, baby face and well built. Nice style and lived and worked at an oil rig which meant he was in town every 2 months. Eventually this guy wanted to go on vacation and bought a trip for us. I thought I hit the jackpot! Earlier he wanted to buy me a BMW. Now that I think about it I was en route to being a sugar baby…

As the trip time grew closer I thought I was going to have the time of my life! Fast forward to my departure, I was supposed to fly from Vancouver to Calgary, meet him there and the both of us would fly to Cancun, Mexico. So I got on the plane and flew to Calgary. There was a layover of 3 hours there. I get to Calgary and he’s not there. So I text. Then I call. Then I text again. Then I call a few more times! He finally answers, “Hey babe, sorry I missed my flight from Fort Mac ! Go on ahead and I’ll meet you in Cancun later!”. I was fucking pissed. And scared. This was my first time travelling completely alone into unknown territory, let alone a country where I knew nothing about. Because I didnt think things through, I boarded the plane in an easy breezy summer dress cause duh, I’m going to mexico! I was FREEZING on the flight, and when I got off…airport officials thought I was a prostitute and detained me for an hour.


Eventually I made my way to the hotel. At the hotel I wasn’t allowed to get a room key because the room was only booked for one person. Um excuse ME!? After 4 HOURS they finally let me in the room. Oh and they didn’t have room service….oh and by the way this place was a dump. Never do 3 stars in Mexico. So I call my guy and ask where he’s at, he says there are no more flights from Calgary to Cancun so he has to fly to Toronto now which means he won’t be there tonight, he’ll get there tomorrow evening. I fucking lost it! This whole time I hid that I smoked well now I didn’t give a shit! I busted out the cigarettes and headed down to the bar. This was a lovely evening in Cancun filled with disgusting hotel employees trying to booze me up and a storm looming and 80km winds. After 5 drinks I called it a night and went to bed to sob my face off, only 6 more days to go.


Day 2! I decided to take a walk around the “neighborhood”. Got followed by the locals and harassed by the hotel employees who now knew I was completely alone and an easy target. They demanded kisses every time I wanted tequila and offered to rub me down with oil every time I laid down on the beach. After I boozed up and stank of cigarettes my guy finally got into the hotel. Yay! Note the sarcasm. Thankfully the harassing stopped…for now. Things weren’t any better with him here now, he barely talked to me, sex lasted 3 minutes and 5 if I didn’t make a sound or any movement.


We befriended a club promoter who realized we weren’t really a serious couple. I kept getting the feeling that people thought I was a hooker. One night we went out to one of the biggest clubs in Cancun, everything was great. Booze was flowing, everyone was dancing and Go to look over at my guy and he’s gone. So I sat and waited. And waited. And waited until I realized it’s been 4 hours since I’ve seen him. I thought I saw him dancing with another girl and lost it. Drunk me started calling back home and crying on the phone. The promoter saw all of this and decided to take me to a different party with better people. I said sure. We got to the club next door and he brought me into a private room. This room was filled with 15 of the most scariest and meanest looking dudes I have ever seen. This was definitely NOT my kind of party. I got out of there as quickly as I could without making a scene. Once outside I decided I should go home because maybe my guy felt sick and went home? So I found a cab and said I only have 10 pesos to get me to my hotel, he said he can only take 11. We argued and somehow I found 11 pesos.


In the car he kept saying that I am more than welcome to come to this place to stay the night if my boyfriend was such a dick. I declined. As we pulled up to my hotel I got a not so good feeling. He didn’t pull up where you would drop passengers off, he pulled off to the side by the employee entrance. He got out and before I could he locked the doors. He walked towards one of the hotel employees and was talking about something and I saw him hand something to him, the other guy waved him off and started to turn around and walk away. Alarm bells were going off and I started screaming and kicking in the car. The driver kept yelling at me to calm down and stay quiet. Eventually another employee saw this and intervened, he opened my door and I ran out and booked it to my room. Once I got in my room there was knocking on my door. I opened and saw the first hotel employee standing there. He wanted to see if I was okay and was offering to sit with me, he also brought tequila. I told him to fuck off and shut the door.


Hours later my guy crawled through our door. I asked him where the fuck he went and he told me not to worry about it and that I was over reacting. Needless to say I knew I was going to get back at him one way or another.



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